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Crazy College Kid?

Friday November 04th 2005, 6:07 am Edit This
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My friends think I’m crazy because of what I’m about to do.

Making money from the search engines is so easy I truly feel bad for those working 40+/hour a week jobs. With heavy criticism, I’ve decided to release all of my secrets and my unique software to a select group of dedicated individuals.

There are many others in the page creation circles that are going to pitch a fit when they hear what I’m about to release. But I understand their concerns, with software as powerful as mine it is simply a danger to the search engines and to their incomes for me to openly release this to everyone online… so I’m going to release it on a VERY selective and elite basis.

*If you are one of the lucky few to get in, you will be part of a closed group who will learn the NOTHING HELD BACK truth from myself and my brothers in marketing and who’s doors will not open to the public again - EVER.*

For those of you new to page creation quickly understand this: This is NOT, I repeat, is NOT, a get rich quick scheme, it requires some investment and some work, but NOTHING compared to a FulltimeWorkForSomeoneElse job. And the payoff is more rewarding then I could have ever imagined a year ago when I was starting college.

Want Proof? here’s a taster…
Recent Months on ONE of my Adsense accounts
Recent Months EFT
Yep, thats right $36128.97 in 3 months (about 5 hours/week worth of work while I’m traveling and going school full time)

Get on my list now to be notified when more details are released and insure you don’t miss your opportunity to join.
No Obligation, and RISK FREE!

Till Next Time,
Todd Dickerson
Todd @ PageCreation.org

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Let me SHOW you what actually WORKS

"22 year old college kid pulling in more money from search engine traffic than his professors can dream of!"

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